Christian Mothers/Ladies guild

  • The Christian Mothers/Ladies Guild of St. Mary Magdalene Parish is primarily a religious group of women who get together to pray and plan different programs within the parish and support the parish in its various needs

    For more information on Christian Mothers: Janice Reed, Secretary at 412.727.6418.

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  • History 

    The Archconfraternity of Christian Mothers sprang up from the heartfelt needs of a group of mothers in France. It was a time about the middle of the 19th century when the secular forces undermining family life first began to seriously challenge Catholic Christian values. A few mothers began to meet and talk about the struggles they all were facing. Together they prayed for a solution. They discussed their problems in raising their children and prayed for one another. In mutual concern and prayers, they found the courage to carry out their important vocation.

    The movement solidified and on May 1, 1850, the first conference of Christian Mothers was held in Lille, France. Louise Josson de Bilhem, one of the original women, became the selected leader. In the course of time the French mothers sought and received recognition from their bishop for the growing organization. The organization grew rapidly throughout France and neighboring countries and soon over a million women were enrolled as members.

    When Capuchin Franciscans came to the United States to minister to German immigrants, they brought along this popular organization for mothers. On January 16, 1881, the Confraternity of Christian Mothers was canonically established at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Later it was raised to the rank of an Archconfraternity with the right of affiliating other Confraternities wherever the Bishop of the Diocese approved. Since then over 2,000 Confraternities have been affiliated with the Pittsburgh Archconfraternity.

    The Capuchins have staffed the central office of the organization throughout the years.